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 Healthy Elderly Movement



According to data from the Central Statistics Agency 2020, in almost five decades, the percentage of Indonesian elderly people has doubled (1971-2020), namely to 9.92 percent (26 million). Of all the elderly in Indonesia, young elderly (60-69 years) dominate with a size that reaches 64.29 percent. With the large number of neglected ages and the number of the age population that is increasing so rapidly, sooner or later it will become a problem if it is not prepared from now on. There are also 2 direct causes due to malnutrition such as infectious diseases and the level of food intake.


The Healthy Elderly Movement is an empowerment program in meeting the needs of balanced nutritional intake in the elderly through personal and community approaches.



  • Knowing the condition of elderly nutritional problems early
  • Reducing the prevalence of malnutrition in the elderly
  • Reducing the risk of degenerative diseases


  • Pre-elderly, Elderly in the development area
  • Elderly families in the development area

Implementation Location

Cita Sehat Development Area

Healthy Elderly Movement Package :
Rp 50.000/package

(Special milk for parents / Fruit Juices, Biscuits, Fruits)

(Unique Code for Donation : 095)

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