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Did you know, the facts show that only 7 out of 10 households in Indonesia have access to proper sanitation. In addition, 1 in 10 households still practice open defecation (BABS) in the open, that is, households do not have defecation facilities.

Sanitation is very important to support people’s lives. Every community activity in their daily lives requires good sanitation. However, not all people can provide and manage their sanitation properly, this is reinforced based on BAPPENAS statistics, access to basic sanitation in Indonesia until 2019 has only reached 77.44% of the 2024 target, which is 90%. (data source: Susenas 2019 processed by BPN / Bappenas)


Jamban Sehat Keluarga is an empowerment program based on environmental health and provides environmental health facilities, namely latrines that have proper health standards for those in need.


  • Creating an ODF community (Open Defecation Free)


  • Poor families in the development area

Implementation Location

Cita Sehat Development Area / Adapt

Family Healthy Toilet Package :
Rp 1.700.000/package or Rp 50.000 (split bill)

(Toilet, Material, Builder)

Family Healthy Toilet Package :
Rp 1.700.000/package atau
Rp 50.000 (split bill)

(Toilet, Material, Builder)

(Unique Code for Donation : 093)

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