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Among the nutritional problems for children under five in Indonesia are divided into 3 areas, namely stunting, wasting and underweight.

Riskesdas 2018 shows stunting (height for under-standard age) in children is the most common form of malnutrition in Indonesia which affects 30.8% of children under five. Although there are indications of improvement, the stunting rate remains high in the eastern and westernmost regions of Indonesia with the lowest rate of 17.7% in DKI Jakarta and the highest rate of 42.6% in East Nusa Tenggara.

Wasting (underweight for height) is also a major nutritional challenge affecting 10.2% of children under five. Children who were wasted had an 11.6 times greater risk of death than well-nourished children and those who did survive could continue to have developmental problems throughout their lives.

Underweight, which reflects both stunting and losing, affects 17.7% of children under five.

Responding to the above phenomena, handling toddler nutrition is very important to be done together in an effort to resolve nutritional problems in Indonesia, especially in children.


Nutrition Alert for Toddler is an empowerment program in fulfilling the need for balanced nutritional intake for toddlers through a family approach


  • Knowing the condition of children’s nutritional problems early
  • Reducing the prevalence of malnutrition in children under five
  • Increase family knowledge about the importance of nutrition in toddlers


  • Toddlers in the development area
  • Toddler families in the development area
  • Kader Posyandu in the development area

Implementation Location

Cita Sehat Development Area

Nutrition Alert for Toddler Package :
Rp 30.000/Package

(Milk, Biscuit, Fruit)

(Unique Code for Donation : 092)

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