Cirebon, (13/3). Cita Sehat successfully implemented The Toddler Nutrition Alert Program at Posyandu Cempaka, RW 02, Kel. Kesenden, Kec. Kejaksaan Agung, Cirebon City.

In addition to weighing, a Community health center called “Posyandu,” which has a target of 60 toddlers, also conducts immunization activities and provides additional food (PMT) in the form of nutritious local processed foods and bananas.

“Alhamdulillah, since the Toddler Nutrition Alert program took place, several children in RW 02 have progressed in gaining weight. This program is due to several factors, including a balanced child’s nutritional intake and increasing mothers’ knowledge about nutrition. ” Said Mrs. Soinah, Head of Community Health Workers in Posyandu Cempaka.

The activity, which started at 09.00 to 11.00 WIB, was attended by community health workers, two representatives of the Public Health Center, and the person in charge of Cita Sehat.

“With the involvement of various parties in this program, we hope it will further increase our efforts to alleviate malnutrition in children under five, especially in the RW 02 area,” said Lisaidah, Cita Sehat person in charge.