Bandung, (24/3). Cita Sehat successfully held the first Virtual Run event with a total number of participants as many as 302 runners. This multiple run event was held to encourage people to exercise and donate in providing health services for those in need.

“This event was held for 2 months. Registration in January and then the run in February. Seeing the enthusiasm of the participants in our first virtual run event, in the future, we hope that this event can become a routine event, ”said Firmansyah, chief executive of Cita Sehat Virtual Run for Care.

Donations collected from 302 runners counted as much as Rp. 8,982,008 and distributed symbolically in 3 different cities namely Bandung, East Jakarta and Pekanbaru.

“Thank you to the runners who have donated to provide this health service. Hopefully in the future there will be more runners and good people helping out. Success also for Healthy Cita. ” said Taufik Hidayat, one of the recipients of free health service assistance from the Virtual Run donation.