Bandung, (4/16). Cita Sehat Foundation received an audience from the West Java Provincial Health Office on Friday, April 16 at 13.30 WIB.

The West Java Health Office represented by 3 officers was warmly welcomed by the Director of Healthy Cita, Mr. Arif Taat Ujiyanto and Partnership Div. Head of Cita Sehat, Vilino Melda Sitepu.

“Thank you to Cita Sehat for opening up opportunities for synergy. With the presence of NGOs such as Cita Sehat, we hope that more collaborations will be formed to achieve public health.” said dr. Luqman Yanuar Rachman, M.P.H, Head of the Section for Health Financing and Health Insurance at the West Java Provincial Health Office.

Apart from discussing, the audience this time also discussed the views and health problems in Indonesia, in West Java in particular and opportunities for synergy.

“We talked a lot about overcoming health problems, of course. In the future there will also be a plan for joint synergy in the context of joint efforts to create better public health, “said Mr. Arif.